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2p Cleaning Hack – Unusual Cleaning Tips that Actually Work

If you would like to learn the 2p cleaning hack, keep reading. How many times have you tried to remove limescale off your kitchen or bathroom tap? It’s not easy, is it? You have probably tried dedicated limescale removing products. You scrubbed and scrubbed… to no avail. Why is it that limescale is so annoyingly […]

How to Unblock a Toilet without a Plumber

Most Common Reasons for Blocked Toilet The most common reason for blocked toilet is toilet paper! Sometimes we use too much of it in a single flush and sometimes it just simply builds up in the pipes. Certain types of toilet paper do not dissolve very well. The more luxurious and thicker the tissue the […]

How to Maintain Your Dishwasher

A well-maintained dishwasher should serve you about 10 years. The more attention you give to your dishwasher, the better it performs and the longer it lasts. Although your dishwasher can get grubby, clogged or even mouldy, there are a few simple steps you can take to ensure it is is performing at its best potential. […]

Is Your Home Winter Ready?

Winter is fast approaching. We are already experiencing a drop in temperature. From now on it will only be colder and colder… Strong wind, ice, sleet, gales, they all can cause damage to your property. Get your home winter ready now so you don’t regret it later. Indoors There are a few things worth checking […]

Mice Infestation – Tell Tale Signs

Mice are unwelcome guests at any home. Not only are they pests but they also carry and spread potentially dangerous diseases, bacteria, and viruses. They can be responsible for damages to personal property and crops. Mice infestation is an issue that can be proved difficult to deal with. However, there are steps you can take […]

Electrical Inspection Condition Report (EICR) – Who Needs It and Why

electric measuring devise

What is an EICR? An EICR is a full inspection of an electrical installation in a property. An EICR provides a thorough summary of an electrical system. Moreover, it will assess whether your system complies with the law. There are 3 codes that indicate the overall condition of the electrical installation. You can find those […]

Gas Safety Week – Keeping the Nation Gas Safe

Gas safety week (14th to 20th September) is an annual campaign organised to raise awareness and highlight the importance of performing regular checks on gas appliances. The patron for the event is Gas Safe Register (the official list of gas engineers who can legally work on gas appliances).  This year we are celebrating 10th anniversary […]

Cost-effective Decorating Tips for Landlords

As a landlord, you know that your property is more likely to find a tenant if it’s in a good decorating condition. Scuffs and patches of mould will discourage most potential tenants. Therefore, it’s important to re-decorate your property after a tenant vacates or at least touch-up the areas that are the most exposed to […]

Low Water Pressure? You Can Troubleshoot It Yourself, Before Calling a Plumber!

You get into a shower after a long day hoping for a surge of steamy water but all you get is a mere dribble… How frustrating! Don’t fret, there are things you can do to improve your water pressure without having to hire a plumber. Check for Leaks Leaks are a common cause of low […]