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New Government Initiative to Help Buy a Home – The First Homes Scheme

The First Homes Scheme Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick announced a new housing scheme, The First Homes. This is an initiative to allow people buy homes at a discount. The eligible first-time buyers will be able to save on average around £100,000. New homeowners will be able to start their new journey through the scheme that […]

Your Guide to Electrical Inspections in Rental Property

Electrical testing rental properties

Is an electrical certificate mandatory in my rental property? We get asked this a lot and up until recently, the answer has always been no. Well, things are about to change! To help you through that change, we have written a simple guide to ensure you know your responsibilities. What are my responsibilities as a […]

How to Carry out Right to Rent Checks During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Temporary adjustments The government has published guidance on how to perform right to rent checks during the current pandemic outbreak. The rules governing these checks have been temporarily adjusted to help landlords stay safe. The new temporary changes come into force as of 30th March 2020. The adjustments are as follows: checks can now be […]

We Need Tips on Efficient Home Energy Usage

light bulb

Benefits of Energy Saving Initiatives Cutting contributions to global warming and saving money seem like sound reasons to consider implementing steps to cut down on home energy usage. And yet, as a recent survey conducted by Citizens Advice and Energy Saving Trust shows, as many as one-third of British households have yet to make any […]

Fitness for human habitation act 2018 – Are you up to date?

On the 20th March 2019, the Fitness for Human Habitation Act 2018 came into force covering domestic rental property. What is the Fitness for Human Habitation Act? The fitness for human habitation act 2018 is designed to ensure that domestic rental properties meet the minimum standards required. The act also strengthens tenants means of redress […]