Cost-effective Decorating Tips for Landlords

As a landlord, you know that your property is more likely to find a tenant if it’s in a good decorating condition. Scuffs and patches of mould will discourage most potential tenants. Therefore, it’s important to re-decorate your property after a tenant vacates or at least touch-up the areas that are the most exposed to scraping and brushing. Here are our decorating tips for landlords.


Before painting prepare the walls. Wipe them down thoroughly removing any dirt and grime. This will ensure a much better finish. If you see any holes and cracks, it’s best to fill them. Look out for any damp. Damp may lead to mould and, consequently, uninhabitable conditions. If you find any damp or mould, it’s best to strip the plaster and treat the area with anti-mould agent. Then, re-plaster and paint. Remember that new plaster is highly absorbent. If you’re painting with emulsion, our decorating tip is to dilute it 50:50 with water and use for the first coat. This will seal the surface and prevent paint from flaking off.

Paint Quality and Type

Cheap paint isn’t always the best choice. Low cost emulsion from a trade shop might come in handy if you have a few square meters of newly plastered wall to paint. Nevertheless, you will need more than one coat to achieve a flawless, even finish. Additionally, cheap paint is not a good idea if you are intending to paint over a darker colour. We advise that you choose a high-quality paint. It may deceptively seem more expensive but, in the long run, it will save you money.

As for the type of paint, water-based paints dry quickly, and they don’t emit fumes. Whereas, oil-based paints take longer to dry but they are more resistant to wear and tear. You can also mix and match. Use oil-based paint in high-traffic areas like hallways and staircases.

For kitchens, bathrooms, and utility rooms, use paint designated to those areas as it will be more resistant to moisture.

Paint Colour

No, it doesn’t have to be magnolia! Although there is a reason why magnolia is so popular with rental property landlords, there are also other colour options you can consider.  It is important to choose a colour that is inoffensive and will blend well with different types of décor and soft furnishing. Our advice is to go for a neutral, pastel colours. Any light cream or grey will do the trick. If you have more than one paint colour but none of them is enough to paint the whole room, go for a feature wall. Most tenants will appreciate a breath of fresh air from boring single-colour walls.

Special Offers for Paint

Another decorating tip is: shop around. You will always find a trade shop with an offer on pain. Look for reductions in price, 2-for-1 deal, or other promotions. Most paints store very well. So, don’t worry if you buy a little more than you currently need. Besides, you never know when you may need to do a bit of painting again.

Decorating Woodwork

If your woodwork is unfinished, use primer. If you want a long-lasting effect, don’t cut corners. Do the job properly and it will save you time and money. After primer, use a few coats of undercoat. Always sand it in-between the coats. Complete the process with a coat of your chosen finish.

Sometimes your woodwork may need a complete overhaul because it’s in dire condition and a lick of paint will not do. The first step is to strip the paint. You can use a heat gun but be careful not to burn the wood. Do not use a heat gun in old houses where the paint may contain lead. There’s no need to completely remove the paint. Just remove any flaws. Use a damp, but not wet, cloth to remove any dirt and dust. Apply undercoat and leave for drying. Then, apply your chosen topcoat.

We understand that painting isn’t for everyone. Maybe you don’t have time to do it yourself, maybe you cannot stand the smell of fresh paint, or maybe you do not feel confident doing it yourself. A professional decorator will save you time and ensure the job is done to the highest standard. If you are looking for high-quality, reliable decorators, get in touch with us. Our decorators are all qualified and highly skilled.

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