How to Dispose of Your Christmas Tree Responsibly

Christmas Tree

Now that Christmas is just a memory it is time to take your tree down. You might be wondering what to do with it, how to dispose of your Christmas tree responsibly. Depending on whether it is a real or an artificial tree, there are many courses of action you can take.

Artificial Tree

If you enjoyed an artificial tree this past Christmas all you need to do is put it away. If you are thinking of throwing it away, please don’t. Plastic trees are not recyclable and will most probably end up in a landfill. If you are adamant in your decision that you do not want to keep your artificial tree you could consider donating it to a local charity shop. Also, retirement homes or even children’s home might be interested in your tree. It may be worth ringing around to check which shops and organisations accept Christmas trees. Alternatively, you could get creative with your unwanted tree and turn it into something beautiful. For example, you could make a wreath (or a few wreaths) and keep it for future years. If you make more than one, you can share them with friends and family. Here is an idea on how to make a giant wreath. Also, you could turn your tree into decorative topiaries and have them displayed at your home, or in your garden, all year round.

Unfortunately, artificial Christmas trees are very difficult to dispose of responsibly. That’s why, if you love your plastic tree, try to keep it for as long as you can.

Real Tree

Real trees can be sourced responsibly and also, they are environmentally friendly. Additionally, they are much easier to dispose of than artificial Christmas trees. First of all, many local councils organise collection points. All you need to do is check your council’s website and take your tree to the collection point. Some councils will collect your tree form your kerbside. However, there are other environmentally safe ways to dispose of your Christmas tree. For example, you could cut it into pieces and add it to your compost. Alternatively, you could donate your tree to a local zoo. If you live near a zoo give them a ring. They might be interested in collecting your tree for animals to play with. Moreover, you could replant your tree in your garden and decorate it next year.

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