Is Your Home Winter Ready?

Winter is fast approaching. We are already experiencing a drop in temperature. From now on it will only be colder and colder… Strong wind, ice, sleet, gales, they all can cause damage to your property. Get your home winter ready now so you don’t regret it later.


There are a few things worth checking before winter arrives. First of all, make sure your boiler is serviced and in good working order. Also, bleed your radiators so they are ready for those cold evenings. Secondly, check your doors and windows. Make sure all seals are intact and don’t let any air in. What can be a lovely little breeze in summer can also cause grief in winter. If you find any gaps, fill them in. Your windows may be somewhat draughty. There is a simple solution to that, namely, double glazing film. You can order it online. It’s also easy to remove.

Next step is to check your attic or loft. Make sure rainwater is not entering anywhere and that insulation is in good condition. Check for damp and wet patches. Also, all pipes should be safeguarded and insulated. You do not want any burst pipes in winter.

If you haven’t insulated your home yet, do so. It will save you money on heating and will keep you warm and cosy.

You may consider keeping your heating on a timer in winter. Even if you are away. Try and keep your heating on for at least one hour a day. This will help prevent burst pipes.


It is extremely important you check and clear your gutters. Remove dead leaves and other debris. Moreover, check your gutters are in good order. Clogged or broken gutters can cause a lot of issues in winter, for example, wet walls and dump. Check your outdoor lighting. Go for low energy bulbs. Moreover, check your trees are all trimmed. Flying branches can cause damages to power lines. Similarly, make sure your bins are secure. You don’t want them flying about in strong wind. It’s also a good idea to check outside walls and fill in any gaps and cracks.

Arrange for a professional to sweep your chimney.

Don’t forget about your garden. Disconnect any hoses and insulate taps. Prune bushes and trees. Tend to the lawn and plants. Protect any plants that may not survive winter. Tend to your hanging baskets. Tidy up your garden and shed so they are ready for spring. Lock the door. Maintain and preserve your garden tools.

Additionally, make sure you got a good deal on gas and electric. Check your tariff and swap if necessary. It can easily be done online. There are quite a few comparison websites you can use. Also, get adequately insured, if you haven’t done so yet. This will give you a much-needed piece of mind. Make sure you take your time when choosing your cover.

If you need any help maintaining your home this winter, please contact us. We have a fantastic team of handymen who would love to help you with your maintenance needs.

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