Mortgage Holiday Extension Scheme Accessible to Landlords

It has been announced that buy-to-let mortgage borrowers will now be able to access the mortgage holiday extension scheme as well.

The Ministry of Housing and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) have both confirmed that landlords are eligible to benefit form the scheme.

Who is eligible?

It is strongly advised that only those landlords who have been impacted by coronavirus and have not yet had a mortgage holiday apply for the scheme. Landlords who have not had participated in the scheme can obtain up to 6 month of payment deferral. However, those who have had benefited from the scheme already, will be eligible to top up to 6 months without this being recorded on their credit file. Nevertheless, payment deferrals should only be requested if they are absolutely needed. This is because the interest will still rack up and landlords will end up having to pay off more in the long run.


Landlords who are concerned about their financial stability should speak to their lenders. The lenders will be able to provide suitable solutions tailored to individual needs and circumstances.

Further information and advice on the topic can be obtained from Money Advice Service and UK Finance.

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