Support to Semi-Independent and

Supported Accommodation Housing Providers

We have extensive experience in supplying services to the providers of semi-independent and supported accommodation.

As our professional experience tells us, there is a great demand for quality property sourcing. Many providers often struggle to secure and keep rented properties. This is because landlords can be sometimes prejudiced, or they simply misperceive the nature of semi-independent and supported accommodation services. It is our job and our pleasure to give landlords and agents a greater knowledge and understanding about the subject matter.

Moreover, young people tend to have all sorts of housing emergencies. Most of them, unfortunately, happen during unsociable hours.Therefore, here at Novum,we offer 24-hour maintenance services. We can deal with just about anything. From boarding a window to securing a kicked-in door.

Please contact us if you would like further information on our services for semi-independent housing providers.


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