Top Tips for Working from Home

Top tips fpr working from home

Top Tips for Working from Home

The majority of the country has gone into lockdown this week, which means most people are working from home.  Around 1.5 million people work from home on a regular basis and are well versed in how to cope.

For those of you who have never worked from home before, we have compiled our top tips for working from home to get you through these uncertain times and to keep you as productive and motivated as you usually are…

1.  Get Dressed

It may sound simple but it is proven that getting showered and dressed as you would for work increases productivity and sets you up for the day.

It will keep you motivated throughout the day and you will be ready for any impromptu video calls!

As important as getting dressed is in the morning, also change out of your ‘work’ clothes at the end of your working day.  Its really important to separate your work time from your down time.

2.  Keep a routine

Whatever time you usually start and finish work, try and stick to these hours.

Get up at the same time as you usually would.  Maybe take a walk in the morning when you would usually leave for work to allow your mind to focus.

Finish work ON TIME!  The most common mistake is working past your finish time.  It is so easily done at home as you can get so consumed In what you are doing.  There’s no worrying about leaving on time to beat the traffic or pick up the kids.  Top tips for working from home

3.   Give yourself a designated space

If you don’t have the luxury of a home office, designate yourself a space within your home.  Try and make it a quiet space away from the TV and other distractions.

Make sure you are comfortable with a table and chair at the right height.  Ensure that your family are aware where you are working.  You wouldn’t want anyone bursting in whilst your on a call to your boss.

4.   Ask your family to respect your working hours

Ask your family or other household members to respect your working time.  Maybe ask them to pretend that you’re out at work for the day.

Distractions from family can be really off-putting and its really hard to get back into the flow once your mind is elsewhere.

5.  Take regular breaks

Its important to take regular breaks whilst working from home.  Even if that means popping to the kitchen to make a cup of coffee.

Give your eyes a break from the screen and take time to stretch your legs.  

Not taking regular breaks can lead to a lack of productivity and motivation.

Top Tips for working from home

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Top tips for working from home

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