We Need Tips on Efficient Home Energy Usage

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Benefits of Energy Saving Initiatives

Cutting contributions to global warming and saving money seem like sound reasons to consider implementing steps to cut down on home energy usage. And yet, as a recent survey conducted by Citizens Advice and Energy Saving Trust shows, as many as one-third of British households have yet to make any changes to their home energy usage. It follows that there is a significant number of people who would benefit from help and encouragement to lower their household emissions and save money.

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Head of Consumer Advice at Energy Saving Trust, Laura McGadie, said:

“Our research shows that while great strides have been made by some households, more can be done, and by more people. If every household in Britain made just a handful of energy saving changes, the combined impact could make a big difference to our finances and the environment. We are committed to inspiring everyone to make small changes to their energy saving habits this Big Energy Saving Week 2020 – particularly those who will benefit most from the money they could save.”

Simple Steps to Improve Home Energy Usage

The Energy Saving Trust assures that small changes have significant effect on our energy bills and our contribution to climate change. The survey found that taking the following 4 simple steps would equal to taking off the British roads 3 million cars:

  1. Turning your thermostat down by 1 degree would save households £800 million and cut 3.3 million tonnes of carbon emissions every year
  2. Changing your all your light bulbs to LEDs would save households £230 million and 430 thousand tonnes of carbon emissions every year
  3. Turning appliances off rather than keeping them on standby would save households £690 million and curb the release of 1.3 million tonnes of carbon emissions
  4. Only using the right amount of water in your kettle would save households £1.1 billion and stop 2 million tonnes of carbon emissions being released annually

Taking these steps alone could potentially save households £100 per year as well as contribute towards the UK reaching net zero emissions by 2050.

A full list of useful tips published by the Citizens Advice, Energy Saving Trust and BEIS can be found here.

By all means, it is extremely important that we all chip in and achieve amazing result. With very little effort each household could contribute significantly to our planet’s health. We all want our children and grandchildren to have a future, to live long lives and to enjoy the greenery and the outdoors. Additionally, we could save ourselves a little bit of money. And all we have to do is take those few simple steps.

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